Lintu works with customers on the objective of robust Access Management to enable the right individuals to access the right resources, at the right times, from the right environment, and for the right reasons. Access Management though can only be controlled when there is also management of user identities, for it is the associate identity that is being granted privileged access rights. This is what is referred to as Identity and Access Management (IDAM). The following are steps that Lintu takes with our customers to work on IDAM


  • Role, separation of duty (SoD) modelling
  • Role mining and analysis
  • Role lifecycle governance


  • Access attestation (continued business need)
  • User provisioning & de-provisioning
  • Delegation, self-care/self-service
  • Separation of enforcement duties

3. Enforcement

  • Strong authentication
  • Fine-grain access control
  • Federated identities, Single-Sign-On (SSO)

4. Monitoring & Continuous Improvement

  • governance policy integration
  • anomaly detection
  • actionable reporting