Stop threats at the adge

  • Next generation FW’s- Integrate Advanced Malware Protection improves detection capabilities
  • Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS)- provide extensive superior network visibility ty comprehensive application and user awareness
  • Application Visibility Control (AVC) and URL Filtering

Set System Guideline

  • Software-Defined Access (SD-ACCESS) powers policy-based automation from the edge to the cloud.
  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics – network can combat malware by quickly scanning items for specific details that have been flagged as attributes of malware.

Simplify network segmentation- Segmentation divides your network, so the threat can be easily isolated

  • Set and enforce security policies
  • Define application and network access guidelines

Continuous monitoring

Lintu uses a risk-based approach to focus continuous monitoring on key cyber threat and risk areas, provide the richest possible analysis, and create actionable and operationally relevant cyber-threat prevention activity.