When transitioning or implementing workloads into the cloud, often the top-most concern of an organization is to manage cyber risks and effectively demonstrate compliance. A good cyber governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program is fundamental to securing the “crown jewels” (business critical assets) of an organization as it provides a broad approach to manage cyber risks and enable organizations to proactively meet their security and compliance objectives. An important aspect prior considering a cloud vendor is a Governance Risk and Compliance program along with factors to be considered when aligning security capabilities to cloud strategy. Clients often inquire about the kind of support for compliance and third-party is available when opting a cloud solution from their selected vendor. Lintu solutions provide Cloud GRC services to enable clients focus on shared responsibility (define, formalize and agree-upon liabilities), prioritize risk based on business drivers with its associated cloud use cases, identify architecture dependencies, identify automation opportunities, develop initiative roadmap based on cost & effort and driven by client readiness for change, and finally strategize investment to align with business priorities and risk profiles.

Our Cloud Governance and Risk Management using Lintu Methodology follows the steps as:

  • Assess current state maturity for cloud security risk
  • Utilize best practices for cloud migration planning
  • Automate the governance and compliance in cloud
  • Evaluate and Integrate cloud IT controls
  • Configure cloud monitoring