Career Mission Statement

At Lintu Solutions, we know our people are our most important assets, and we share the passion for rewarding careers. We welcome you to come find your place for a meaningful future and soar with us!

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Employee Bill of Rights

BILL OF RIGHTS: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

  • Every staff member has the right to always be treated with honesty and respect.
  • Every individual has the right to be free from discrimination.
  • Employees are entitled to work together without unnecessary conflict; courteous confrontation is the only acceptable approach to holding one another accountable.
  • Employees have a right to a safe and supportive work environment
  • Employees have the right to develop skills and advance in their careers to fulfill their full potential.
  • Employees are supported in separating from the company with dignity when their role no longer fits.
  • Every employee has a right to be heard as we continuously improve our work, environment and culture.
  • Every employee has the right to ask about and provide feedback on corporate direction and strategies.
  • Every employee has the right to adequate resources, training and reasonable performance expectations.
  • There is more to life than work – we encourage every employee to pursue their passions both in and outside of the workplace.