Market Surveillance with AI & Machine Learning

High Performance Cloud Technologies

Many organizations are realizing the benefit of refocusing on their core mission, and divesting from large divisions spending on and operating large on-premise IT datacenters. The higher the compute performance requirements the greater the sunk investment to meet peak workloads.

Especially with highly variable periodic or dynamically scaling workloads, sizing to handle peaks and the ensuing investment model for on-prem datacenters becomes sub-optimal. The TCO calculations and availability metrics for these workloads favor the dynamic load capabilities of parallel, cluster or grid high performance cloud computing. And now that the cybersecurity proficiencies in the cloud have reached required Federal standards, cloud solutions are win-win.

Lintu partners with both solution and service providers to provide the best market surveillance and digital transformation intelligence to digest and deliver to you analysis and decision support to make the right choices on your digital journey and enable you to deliver real value to your stakeholders.