Formerly Quest

Lumen Professional Security Services offers hands-on support from a deep bench of certified in-house consultants and engineers to help organizations liberate limited or overtaxed resources and refocus specialized security staff on what matters most.

Consulting and advisory services

  • CISO advisory
  • Security architecture and engineering
  • Security consulting

Risk and compliance management

  • Vulnerability management and penetration testing
  • Compliance Readiness Assessment
  • Risk management
  • Security awareness training
Security device and operations management

  • Managed SIEM
  • Virtual SOC
  • Incident Response
  • Device/Tool management


Migrate to the cloud with Lumen® Cloud Connect solutions for secure, high-performance and virtualized networking to leading public and private clouds, and dynamic SDN-based controls that can provide you with a network experience that matches your cloud experience.

Cloud Providers

  • Amazon Web Services® Direct Connect
  • Microsoft® ExpressRouteTM
  • Google® Cloud Partner Interconnect
  • Google® Cloud Carrier Peering
  • IBM® Resiliency Services
  • IBM® Cloud Managed Services
  • IBM® Cloud Direct Link
  • Oracle® Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect
Dynamic Connections

  • Real-time network provisioning
  • Point-to-point and point to multi-point configurations
  • Port speeds: 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps
  • Add connections to your private network on demand
  • MEF CE 2.0 Certified
Dynamic Capacity

  • Scale capacity up to 300%
  • Grow your capacity when network traffic increases
  • Return to normal when peak demand is past
  • Scale bandwidth in real time; or ahead of time
  • Pay only for what you need