The risks and complexity introduced by a dynamic workforce have not made life any easier for security teams. New technologies and services are being deployed; data flows and topologies are in flux; and static rules, policies, and playbooks have been unable to adapt to changing users and working practices, no matter how diligently and rapidly we rewrite them.

  • Cyber AI Analyst: AI Investigation
  • Extending AI Investigations across your workforce
    and security stack

Cyber AI Analyst is Darktrace’s AI investigation technology, which automatically triages, interprets, and reports on the full scope of security incidents targeting your dynamic workforce. Trained on expert analyst behavior and proprietary AI, Cyber AI Analyst reduces time to triage by up to 92%, delivering critical AI augmentation for strained security teams.

Darktrace Immune System extends self-learning technology to cover more of the enterprise including SaaS tools and endpoint devices, supports one-click integrations to many security tools, and can now be delivered seamlessly from the cloud. Enterprise Immune System. This is a self-learning system that is used for Detection. It leverages unsupervised machine learning, which means that it learns on the job – without any prior knowledge or training data sets.

Cyber AI Analyst which automates the investigation. The Cyber AI Analyst looks at alerts, stitches them together, shows you the attack phase and even suggest to you what actions to take

Autonomous Response capability. Antigena takes surgical action to stop in-progress attacks from spreading. It operates at machine speed.

Darktrace For Cloud & SaaS

  • Cloud controls are static, siloed, and incompatible across services
  • But behavior in the cloud is unpredictable
  • Requires adaptive and unified coverage
  • AI discovers insider threats, compromised credentials, misconfigurations across:
    • Workforce and collaboration tools
    • Workloads and containers
  • Cyber AI Analyst triages and reports on cloud incidents & Antigena responds in seconds
  • Dedicated SaaS Console