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Strategically managed data constructs enable valuable derived intelligence from correlated data sources.

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Our Service Offerings - Next Generation Solutions Development

  • Model Based Anything (MBX)

    Lintu’s Model-Based Design (MBD) and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) allows modelling innovative potential solutions at a greatly reduced cost so organizations can assess solutions effectively.

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  • Data Strategies and Big Data Analytics

    Enabling highly cognizant and reliable enterprise decision support is enhanced by employing model-based descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive data representations.

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  • Infused Digital Intelligence

    Knowledge is of value only when it is put it into practice. In an increasingly complex, interconnected and dynamic global marketplace, data-driven digitally modeled playbooks often need machine-speed implementations.

  • Lifecycle Orchestration

    The most effective organizations realize the need to take a holistic view and orchestrate capability delivery across lifecycle phases. Effective co-creation of value with the business puts capability in the hands of those who need it reliably when and how it is needed at the pace of business.

  • Block Chain Realized

    Financial systems, organizations and markets rely on trust and assurance for business fidelity. Assured transaction tracing can be realized through block chain technology, and it doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

Why Lintu Solutions?

Corporate leadership expertise with focus on the US Federal Financial System and decades of experience with leading edge mission solutions for US Federal Financial Agencies, including deep expertise in the complexities of US IRS tax law administration and the complexities of the IRS systems environment

CIO, CTO and Chief Architect with expertise in Financial Sector technology implementations, subject matter expertise in the complexities of the financial system, improper payments, and interagency data and systems integration.

Corporate Eyas Lab – ML/AI surveillance of the emerging technology marketplace

Our Approach

Rapid implementation of emerging cloud and mission solutions focused on:

  • Streaming data
  • Information Assurance/cybersecurity at scale for data in motion
  • Data visualization, data shedding, storage solutions
  • High performance computing and edge computing
  • High performance and edge computing, others as they emerge
  • Contractual mechanisms and delivery methodologies that the allow for regulators and law enforcement to keep pace
  • Ability to rapidly enhance systems and implement new technologies due to legacy systems limitations and technology debt
  • Speed to implementation – contract structures and government workforce constraints that limit efficiency of contract modifications